Creators Camp for Global Ideas

22.11. +  23.11.2019

You want to use your creativity, your know-how, and your innovative spirit to further develop the Lungau?


Then spend two days with us in Tamsweg at the second edition of the Creators Camp for Global Ideas filled with exciting workshops & lectures.


We let global ideas grow.

Creators Camp for Global Ideas - Biosphere Lab Lungau

Design Thinking:
Global know-how & innovative energy

The Creators Camp for Global Ideas is a two-day Design Thinking Workshop for all those who are interested in turning the region Lungau into a sustainable economic space and place of residence.

Through the Workshop, we bring together like-minded people and develop forward-looking ideas and concepts for the mountain region Lungau.

For two days, we are dealing with current global and regional issues in the fields of leisure activities, soft tourism, agriculture and forestry, education, mobility, and sustainable energy generation.




  • Clever Ressourcing
  • The Next Move
  • Back to the Roots
  • Smart Farming
  • Fun in Nature
  • Future of Education

Topic / 01

energy generation

What needs to be done to ensure that the natural environment of the region is sustained for the next century? How can existing resources be managed effectively and sustainably and which new technologies can help us with that?

Topic / 02


What does a Lungau traffic concept look like that is tailored to our needs? Do we actually still need cars? What alternatives do we have to renounce private cars?

Topic / 03

Deceleration tech
& Soft Tourismus

How can we introduce targeted deceleration into our everyday lives to free ourselves from too much stress? How can we customize the unique selling propositions of the Lungau for us through technology? How can we prevent mass tourism and structure and manage tourism traffic more competently?

Topic / 04

Agri tech, crafts, agriculture & forestry

How can we ensure the economic survival of local small businesses? How can we take action to alleviate the heavy physical labor?

Topic / 05

Leisure activities & sport tech

What does the region have to offer and how can we as locals enjoy our leisure time there?
Which technologies can make the region more attractive as a center of life and high-quality leisure region or next-generation sports region?

Topic / 06

Education, education tech

How can we improve our education infrastructure to ensure a meaningful learning environment and which technologies can help us achieve that? What do we need to be all set for our future?