That was the first

Creators Camp for Global Ideas

The Lungau and its future lie close to people's hearts. The first Creators Camp of Global Ideas was an impressive proof of this. More than 100 participants met on May 31 and June 1 at "Goldader" in Tamsweg to jointly devote themselves to the Lungau region and its development opportunities. 18 Teams created and elaborated a broad spectrum of valuable and thoughtful approaches.

These 100 participants proved their innovative spirit at the first Creators Camp - with great success! High school and university students, employees and self-employed individuals from the region as well as people from outside the Lungau came together to think about the future of the Lungau and its challenges to develop visionary ideas.

With their concepts for traffic, new platforms, and apps for soft tourism and alternative educational concepts to sustainable packaging material the 18 teams left no problem untouched.


Creators Camp for Global Ideas - Biosphere Lab Lungau

“All the teams did a great job. Congratulations to the winning teams. Great ideas were born and some of them are strong global ideas that solve real problems. I’m looking forward to working with the teams, especially Jamination,” said Andreas Spechtler, Investor, CEO Silicon Castles and mastermind behind the Biosphere Lab Lungau.

Andreas Spechtler

Those were
the winners

The Winner of the Creators Camp: Jamination
(l.t.r.) Martin Macheiner, Verena Pfeifenberger, Peter Scheurer and Alexander Planitzer (not in the picture: Nadine Premm)

The Winner:

Traffic jam as a chance for the Lungau - Every year tens of thousands of cars line the motorway section between Zederhaus and Katschberg in transit to Italy & Germany in traffic jams, especially at peak times at the beginning or end of the holiday season. Jamination is the team’s way of transforming these waiting periods into new experiences through innovative technologies that create business opportunities.

Drones build up a WLAN network in the air, promote the Lungau and enable Communication with others during the traffic jam. Jamination offers spontaneous shopping opportunities including drone delivery, information about the Lungau (“What’s going on behind the noise barrier?”) and online entertainment for the whole family. Fun and productivity replace useless and boring waiting time! This solves a global problem.

Rank 2: Wurzelwerk
(l.t.r.) Lisa Aigner, Georg Gautsch, Ricki Lanschützer and Cecilia Stolz (not in the picture: Manfred König)

Rank 2:

Keep returning to the experience of “time-out in Lungau”. With Wurzelwerk guests can create their own individual and unique audio and video recordings of their Lungau stay and take their unique and relaxing experiences home using modern technologies such as virtual reality. Through technology, nature and deceleration experiences can be relived everywhere and at any time. This reduces stress levels and brings back balance into the lives of overworked individuals living in urban environments.

Rank 3: Tree Via
(l.t.r) Johanna Naynar, Stephan Kaiser, Thomas Schitter, Celina Karner and Matthias Löcker

Rank 3:
Tree Via

Competence and specialized knowledge of experts from the Lungau for the rest of the world - Tree Via helps to globally expedite revitalization projects by smart technologies. Intelligent software determines optimal planting and biodiversity plans and thus enables both wasteland and fallow urban areas to be renatured. It helps to shape our surroundings in a positive way and creates nature that improves our environment so that we can live in balance with it.

Rank 4: Sheep Pack
(l.t.r.) Matthias Heitzmann, Lukas Wieland, Maria Wirnsperger and Magdalena Graggaber

Rank 4:
Sheep Pack

Use existing natural resources from the regional sustainably - Sheep Pack is a reusable and biodegradable packaging material made of sheep’s wool and mixed materials and thus makes a valuable contribution to the recycling by reducing waste. The material can also be used for many different innovative purposes. Furthermore, a new source of revenue is created for sheep farmers.

Rank 5: Thrill-on-Demand
(l.t.r.) Alexander Decker, Manuela Grabherr-Gappmayer, Benedikt Stolz and Fabian Dorfer

Rank 5:

Thrill-on-Demand is a platform to bring together like-minded people in rural regions for various sports activities without having to drive into a city. They just register on the app and state their specific interests. Once a group of people that share the same interest is found, the Thrill-on-Demand truck picks them up and takes them to their activity location. The truck includes all necessary equipment to start your adventure!

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The beginning is half of the whole, Aristotle once said. The 2nd Creators Camp of Global Ideas will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November. After the initial success we expect again great participation the second time around, so it’s best to register right away to secure your spot at the Creators Camp! We also invite everyone who participated in the first edition of the Creators Camp to join in again!