Creating global innovation

Biosphere Lab Lungau

The Lungau has great potential and that is exactly what the Biosphere Lab Lungau wants to unlock. It is time to transform into a sustainable model region for innovation. This requires innovative ideas as well as valuable technologies but above all the will of many people to make a change.




  • Clever Ressourcing
  • The Next Move
  • Back to the Roots
  • Smart Farming
  • Fun in Nature

Topic / 01

energy generation

What needs to be done to ensure that the natural environment of the region is sustained for the next century? How can existing resources be managed effectively and sustainably and which new technologies can help us with that?

Topic / 02


What does a Lungau traffic concept look like that is tailored to our needs? Do we actually still need cars? What alternatives do we have to renounce private cars?

Topic / 03

Deceleration tech
& Soft Tourismus

How can we introduce targeted deceleration into our everyday lives to free ourselves from too much stress? How can we customize the unique selling propositions of the Lungau for us through technology? How can we prevent mass tourism and structure and manage tourism traffic more competently?

Topic / 04

Agri tech, crafts, agriculture & forestry

How can we ensure the economic survival of local small businesses? How can we take action to alleviate the heavy physical labor?

Topic / 05

Leisure activities & sport tech

What does the region have to offer and how can we as locals enjoy our leisure time there?
Which technologies can make the region more attractive as a center of life and high-quality leisure region or next-generation sports region?


Georg Eberharth

"As a regional bank, the Raiffeisenbank Lungau sees its tasks to continuously support the development of this area. We view the Biosphere Lab Lungau project as a great opportunity to turn innovative ideas into successful companies. As a strong economical partner of the economy we are gladly taking on responsibility for the future of the Lungau.”

Georg Eberharth

(Raiffeisenbank Lungau)

Wolfgang Pfeifenberger

"By establishing this creative space, we offer both a springboard to the outside world and at the same time retain the added value in the region itself. As an active business location, the Lungau region thus offers job and career opportunities that are within reach."

Wolfgang Pfeifenberger

(Wirtschaftskammer Lungau)

Manfred Sampl

"It is important for communities in Lungau to structure our living space in a way that makes it desirable for future generations to live and work here. With the Biosphere Lab Lungau we especially want to strengthen our youth’s abilities."

Manfred Sampl

(Regionalverband Lungau)

Andreas Spechtler

"The Lungau has always been a breeding ground for talents that have often not been recognized. Now we want to inspire young and experienced talents to work together to find and develop new ideas that work worldwide. Our aim is to establish startups, which are role models for a sustainable future worldwide through their technological innovations."

Andreas Spechtler

(CEO Silicon Castles)

Dr. Petra Meyer, FH Salzburg © Christian Streili

„This project is unique. In cooperation with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, the focus is on an innovative future design based on regional needs in order to secure the Lungau as a long-term business location with a unique quality of life. This includes the integration of the regional population, the strengthening of culture and economic power, the maintenance and generation of jobs as well as the further development of the existing UNESCO Biosphere Park with valuable technologies and sustainable services.“

Petra Meyer

(Salzburg University of Applied Sciences)

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